What You Need to Know about Vehicles with Salvage Titles

Imagine scouring used car lots all over town and finally finding that one car you have always dreamed of having. A classic car that has a lot of history. Just by looking it is exactly what you want and the best part is it costs a fraction of what you thought a car of that quality costs.  When you look closer you see the small fine print that says the car has a salvage title.

According to buy junk car Dayton MN experts, cars with salvage titles denote that the vehicle has been damaged so severely or it was previously reported stolen but recovered or written off as more expensive to repair by the car insurance company.  In some places in the country, cars with salvage titles are not even allowed to be used on public roads.

Total Wreck is Subjective

If the dealer mentions that the car was labeled as totaled, the image that crops into one’s head is a mountain of metal, smoke and rubber. However, in actuality the accident that totaled the car could leave it uncannily undamaged. Why is this so? According to junk car towing Monticello Minnesota specialists, insurance companies will consider the vehicle as totaled if the cost to repair it after an accident has exceeded a certain percentage of its value.  Different states have varying standards for this valuation but the general rule of thumb is 75 percent of the total value of the car.  In this scenario, the insurer sees replacement as the more financially cheaper option as opposed to having it repaired.


Cars with salvage titles should serve, as a warning for would be buyers that the vehicle was to a certain point damaged. For instance, plastic body panels and sophisticated electronic devices in modern cars are sensitive that a small accident may lead to very expensive repairs. 

Stolen but Recovered

Based on statistics, a car in the US is stolen every 33 seconds.  Insurance companies act swiftly to assist their clients get back on the road, which leads to another reason why vehicles may have a salvage title: recovered after theft.  It is important to note that not all vehicles stolen and recovered end up getting a salvage title as police may simply return the car to the owner immediately.  However, if the car was lost for months, the insurer could just write it off as a total loss and if recovered, it is titled as being written off.