Practical Guide on Purchasing a Salvaged Vehicle

Salvaged vehicles are cars that were stolen but recovered, involved in accidents or damaged in natural disasters. Basically, insurers write them off as totaled or being too expensive to repair.  Buyers of salvage vehicles know the pitfalls of acquiring these “resurrected” cars If you are thinking of buying one for yourself here is a practical guide.

Purchase Information

According to auto recycling Oak Grove Minnesota experts, some of the important things to consider when checking out a salvage car based on importance include: insurance, warranty, financing, registration, claims and lastly resale value.


This of course varies depending on where you are as well as the insurance company you are dealing with. You need to expect however to get at least liability insurance in most states and most insurance companies for your salvaged vehicle.


You are lucky if the seller gives you 3 days in fact do not count in having one. There is absolutely no warranty offered for salvaged vehicles but some salvage dealers may offer it in some form if you negotiate correctly.


If it is a salvage car, car loan companies will not touch it. Expect to pay in cash.


This of course varies from state to state. In some places in the US, police may need to inspect a salvage-titled car prior to it getting registration and driven. Some states may require a repair shop certificate. Do check with your state’s DMV for more information on the matter.


According to auto salvage Victoria Minnesota experts, insurance companies are not willing to pay more than eighty percent of the car’s listed value. It is for this reason why a lot of salvage car owners select not to pay for insurance more than the minimum requirements of the state.

Resale Value

Even if you pay to replace almost all the parts, once it has a salvage title do not expect to resell it for a lot of money. It will be a labor of love on you part to do repairs and replace parts but it will never be as valuable as it originally was pre-salvage title.

When purchasing a car with a salvage title exercise due diligence to the letter.  Make sure that everything is in good working order as best as you can but do not expect too much as sellers often instruct mechanics to repair it to its minimum working order as required by the state.