Securing Your Garage Door The Right Way

Your garage door is one of the main entry points to your home.  Aside from the main door, the garage door is probably the 2nd most used part of the house.  As an entry point it needs to be secured lest you may have some unwanted people coming in and taking something they should not. Here is some important advice on how to secure your garage door the right way.

Extra Layer of Security

Garage door repair Chisago City specialists recommend that you go for a garage door that is made from solid core wood or reinforced steel if you have not done so already.  The point is to establish an extra layer of security between the garage and the interiors of your home. Doing so will make it hard for anyone trying to gain unauthorized entry using the garage door as their point of entry.

Install a deadbolt

Deadbolts are not only meant for your front or back door but also for the garage door as well. The extra five seconds or so to get inside your home could be a form of inconvenience but the nuance is considered tiny compared to the problems that may arise should there be a theft.

Never Leave It Open

In a lot of secure neighborhoods many homeowners have the knack of keeping their garage doors open.  This makes your home an inviting prospect for anyone that may happen to be passing by.  Regardless of how safe your neighborhood is do not make it easy for anyone to just come inside your home.  An open garage door is like a big neon sign to criminals that says “come in.”  Do not let anyone see the contents of your garage lest they want to sneak a peek inside the home to have a better idea of what loot is available for the taking. ‘

Motion Activated Sensors

If security is a concern, garage door repair East Bethel recommend that you spotlight the area around the garage. Motion activated sensors are not that expensive to get and install. Doing so will make it more difficult for anyone especially thieves to come inside your home via the garage.