Crooked Scams to Avoid when Junking a Car

Most junkyards are reasonable and will give you a fair price for your car.  However, there are some rotten apples out there that you need to lookout for because they will take advantage of your lack of knowledge especially if you just want to get rid of your junker quickly. If you are thinking of junking your car here are some scams to be on the lookout for.

Hiring Shady Haulers

The junkyard is the last place your car will go but it will ultimately get there with the help of a flatbed wrecker. Not all junkyards have a towing service on hand and may hire any tow truck service available. According to sell my junker Atlanta experts, be wary if you are supposed to be paid in cash, if the tow truck driver says it is worth less than what was agreed upon, just walk away and find another junkyard preferably one that is more reputable.

Doing Business without Transfer of Title

When you sell your car to the junkyard you need to sig over the car’s title and registration papers in order to make the purchase legal.  According to junk my car Atlanta specialists, your car’s title is attached to your registration but they are not the same thing.  If the registration is still active, then liability rests with you should anything happen to the vehicle after it has been hauled off.  Dishonest junkyards make a promise to handle all the paperwork or cancel the registration on your behalf but later on send you a bill for car storage on their lot.  To avoid this, take care of all the paperwork yourself.

Bait and Switch Scam

Some junkyards give you a high appraisal value for you car so you would instantly agree to selling it to them only to rescind the offer by offering a much lower value saying you did not disclose everything about the car’s condition. Never sign the papers until you have received the check with the verified amount written on it.

There are many scams out there being perpetrated by unscrupulous junkyard dealers. It is therefore wise to deal with someone that has a good reputation and a good track record when dealing with customers.

Autumn Garage Door Safety Check

You know when the weather begins to get colder that it is that time of year you have to check on your garage door to ensure it functions as it should when the winter weather arrives.  According to garage door maintenance Long Beach California  specialists, there are three maintenance checks each homeowner needs to know about. 

Door Balance

To test this safely, make sure that your garage door is closed and then disconnect the door from the opener by pulling on the red release cord. Raise the door manually and stop at waist height then keep steady. Upon releasing the door it should remain at the current weight height. If it goes down for some reason then some adjustments need to be done. If the door goes up for some reason, the springs are too tight. Both conditions will cause potential damage to your door.  Call a professional immediately to have the spring tension adjusted.

Ocular Examination

Garage door repair Santa Ana California experts recommend checking the tracks to see if there are areas that are rusty or bent.  Inspect the rollers and see if bearings are already worn out or damaged.  Look at the cables for fraying, rusting or damage.  Close the door and check the seal around it. Light should not be able to pierce through on any of the four sides.  Check for damage on the hinges as well.

Bottom Seal

Last but not least that you need to check is the bottom seal. This area is either a solid black flap or tube shape, which allows for a tight close and seal of the door. In the autumn, small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks and rats can chew through this in order to get into the warm garage to forage for food.  Visually inspect the bottom seal throughout the autumn season to make sure there are no attempts by small animals to make your home their winter abode. If there is evidence of damage or it is not sealing as it should have it replaced by a professional immediately.

How to get The Most out of your Garage

Most of us use our garages for other purposes other than a storage for our vehicles.  While most homeowners can attest using the garage to store tools and other stuff, others use it as their own personal man cave. Regardless of how you use your garage at the moment, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your garage door space.

Store in the Ceiling

According to garage door repair Santa Monica California specialists, the ceiling is one of the most overlooked areas of your garage space. Utilize this space in order to take back precious wall and floor space. One thing you can do is to install a sliding storage system that can help you hang bins for storing your tools and other equipment. Ensure that the storage system can hold the weight.

Cold Storage

If you like working in your car on your garage, you will likely have a few breaks. Avoid the lengthy walk back into the kitchen by investing in a small refrigerator right in your garage. In this way you can grab a cold beer anytime you want.

Magnetic Strips

For car buffs that need a place to store their tool collection, you can do so right in plain sight using a pegboard system or magnetic strips. These can keep your tools well organized so that you can find what you require with a quick glance and can create an easy access to your tools without necessarily having to open a drawer full of them.  Magnetic strips are a cheap and practical way to store your metallic tools and keep them in place. Do ensure that the pegboard system you end up using can hold the weight of the equipment you are going to place there.


Garage door installation Anaheim California specialists recommend implementing a zoning system to keep your garage space tidy and organized. For instance, assigning an area for stuff that you need immediately so this would be somewhere near the house entrance. Large items should have their own workspace suited for them only.

Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Garage Door

While garage doors are incredibly resilient, there are times where replacing one is your only choice. If this is your first time considering getting a garage door replacement, here are some important pointers to consider.


Normally, the more money you are willing to spend on your door, the more benefits you could get out of it such as better material and functionality. However, garage door installation Los Angeles California experts say that you need not necessarily have to spend a lot of money when it comes to your door as most entry and midrange models can perform quite well.  You do nevertheless have to decide on the price range you are comfortable with not only for the door but for its proper installation.


According to garage door repair Newport Beach California experts, price and material normally go hand in hand when it comes to choosing a garage door.  Factor in also the amount of money you would spend for the insulation. Glass garage doors and full-vision sections are known to be the priciest due to the degree of glazing needed.


Do keep in mind whether or not you like windows added as a feature to your garage door model. Windows offer a low cost means of letting in natural light and can make it look more sophisticated. The downside however is they can be structural weak spot especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of storms and trees that may get cut or break.

Battery Backup

A power failure could make it almost impossible for you to use your garage door. If you have a battery backup however this can eliminate the problem entirely.  The battery backup goes online the moment the power goes out and then recharges when the power comes back.

Where to Purchase

Do consider also where you intend to purchase your garage door. Nowadays it can be convenient to do so online. Make sure that the site you visit can give you as much detail as possible with your purchase like dimension requirements, color, insulation, material and design before making your decision.

What To Look For in a Reputable Garage Door Installer

The garage door is one of the most used parts of the home and with all those moving parts, there is a big chance that at some point it will require servicing.  However, there are a hundred and one garage door repair services available Finding the right one can sometime feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want to take out the guesswork out when it comes to looking for a provider check out some of the tips below.


According to garage door installation Columbus specialists, the best way to ascertain whether you are dealing with a reputable provider is reputation. Garage door services require labor and expertise, if they do not perform, as they should word will get around fast. Ask your family members, colleagues, neighbors or friends who they would recommend and who you would rather avoid. If you are looking into a particular provider, visit offsite reviews of their services to get a more no-nonsense appraisal of their services. Avoid providers with only positive reviews, as chances are these are fake or filtered.

Visit Company Address

If you have the time, drop by the provider’s place of business to get a better idea of how they are as a company. Are you instantly welcomed at the door? Do they try to sell you too many things that you do not need? When you tell them stuff about your garage door problem does their proposals make sense? These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when talking to a garage door specialist.

Availability of Emergency Services

According to garage door maintenance Mahtomedi experts, look for a garage door repair company that offers emergency services 24×7.  Sometimes, garage doors conk out at the most inopportune times like the middle of the night. Talk to a prospective provider if they offer services anytime of day or night.

Insurance, Free Quotes and Guarantee

Reputable providers should have liability insurance coverage worth at least 2 million dollars.  They should be able to give you a detailed quote of their services outlining the issues and what is required to rectify them.  Lastly, look at the warranty certificate. It should be written in a way that is advantageous to you the customer and not only to them as providers.

Strange Noises in Your Garage Door

A lot of us do not mind having a noisy garage door until the day comes that it conks out on us. Garage doors normally emit some level of noise as part of their normal operation.  However, there are certain noises that you need to be aware of, as these are signs that the door is about to give. Here are some strange noises in your garage door that you need to be aware of.

Garage Door Noises

According to garage door installation San Clemente California specialists, garage doors normally are a bit noisy more on cold temperatures. If you notice a lot of moisture present in your garage, the joints between the different areas of the door will emit a creaking sound that is louder than usual.  There is one particular noise that you definitely need to be aware of when it comes to garage doors.  If you hear a sudden loud blast similar to a gunshot emanating from your garage door, chances are a spring has broken.  The problem with garage door springs is that you cannot predict when they would break as these are always exposed to a considerable amount of tension.  However, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to have the springs changed once every five years.


According to garage door repair San Clemente California specialists, to minimize the amount of noise your garage door makes you need to perform the ff:

Yearly Inspection – Do a yearly in-depth ocular inspection of your garage door.  Look for obvious signs of wear and tear or damage.  Check to see if there are any loose bolts or screws lying around that may have come from the garage door itself.  You also need to check the status of the rollers, which should roll and not slide within the track.

Oil – The simplest means of getting rid of moist garage door creaks and noise is by using oil.  For this procedure use regular motor oil using a rag in order eliminate any sound coming from the metal components.

Replace steel rollers with nylon rollers in order to reduce the amount of noise your garage door makes.

A belt driven door is quieter compared to a traditional chain driven version.

Garage Door Fixes You Should Never Attempt Yourself

If you are the type of person that likes to do DIY, you know there are limits to what you can or cannot do.  There is just some stuff that is better left to the professionals to handle unless you are technically trained to do the repairs yourself.  Garage door openers are no exception. Sure you could do some lubricating or some painting or cleaning but changing the springs, rollers and tracks? Not a good idea.  Here are some garage door fixes that are better left for the pros to handle.


Garage door installation Forest Lake experts say that if you need more than one panel that require replacement, it may be more than just a simple cosmetic issue that you’re looking at. You need to have a professional look at it because not only are there safety issues involved he can also determine why you had the problem in the 1st place.


One or more springs break down on your garage door then it will not function, as it should. Replacing garage door springs require training and the correct kind of equipment as replacing one can be a dangerous affair because of the significant amount of tension involved. The best way to have the springs replaced? Don’t call the handyman; call a professional garage door repair technician.


Due to normal wear and tear, rollers can easily get bent or broken. During the course of the garage door operation, broken rollers can make the door malfunction and may require replacing. Do not attempt to replace the rollers yourself due to risk of bodily injury. Call a professional.

Broken Cables

According to garage door repair Hugo experts, for a garage door to function correctly as it should the cables need to be in top condition all the time. Cables normally carry with it a lot of tension and is quite a hazard to fix without the right technical knowledge and equipment. This kind of repair is best left to a professional to accomplish.

Bent Track

In order for a garage door to go either up or down, it will require rolling on tracks. If the track is broken or bent for some reason, the door will not function properly. To fix this correctly and safely, call a professional.

Is Your Garage Door Safe?

For most people, having a garage door is something that is taken for granted.  It serves a utilitarian purpose that’s it.  The fact that technology has made garage door openers so convenient for most of us, we tend to become unaware that it is also the single biggest moving object in our home and can be a real safety hazard.  It is a good thing that with some regular maintenance, it can be completely safe for all everyone in the home.  Here is how to ensure that your garage door opener is safe for all.

Do a Visual Inspection

Garage door maintenance San Clemente California experts recommend that you perform a visual inspection of the door at least once every six months.  Check out the horizontal tracks and determine if they are parallel to one another and the ground.  Look and see if there are any loose bolts.  Inspect the hinges and the rollers.  They should roll quite easily on the tracks without any sliding.

Do a Reversal Exam

According to Garage Door Repair Laguna Beach California experts, if your garage door opener was made after 1986, it will feature at least 2 reversal mechanisms to avoid accidents, which is comprised of a mechanical reversal system and a photoelectric system.

Mechanical System

  1. Put a piece of wood on the door’s threshold so that it is obstructing the door from closing.
  2. Use the remote control to close the door.
  3. If it is working, the door should stop and reverse itself when it hits the wood.
  4. If this did not happen, the door will require calibration.

Photoelectric System

  1. At the base of the garage door opening on the floor on each side you should find a photoelectric unit.
  2. Stand near the door and use the remote control to close it.
  3. When it begins to close, put an object in front of the unit to disrupt the invisible light between them.
  4. The door should stop and then reverse open again.

Safety Tips

Do not attempt to “beat” the door when going in or out after activating the remote control. Most accidents occur because people try to attempt this.  Always remember that it is better to be safe than to regret something that could have been totally avoided with some presence of mind.   Always follow the safety procedures when operating your garage door.

The 7 Cardinal Rules of Garage Door Safety

Statistics tell us that thousands of Americans get injured daily when using their garage door opener. Why is this statistic so worrisome? Because garage doors at least the newer models such as those manufactured after 1993 come with an array of safety features to prevent just that.  To ensure your safety and those that you love, keep in mind some of the cardinal rules of garage door safety.

  1. Keep out of children’s reach. This should be followed to the letter.  Garage door maintenance Wyoming experts cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the garage door opener button away from the reach of small kids.  On the same note, please do not allow your children to play with the garage door remote controls.
  2. Read your garage door opener manual in order to learn how you can activate the emergency feature of your unit.
  3. Garage door repair Forest Lake experts recommend that you do a visual inspection of the door at least once a month. Check the springs, rollers, pulleys and cables for signs of wear and tear.

      If you do see some wear never attempt to remove, repair or adjust any of these components. Doing so you risk bodily harm, as these are parts that are under a high degree of tension.

  4. Do not attempt to place fingers between door sections and take time to explain the risks to your kids if they do.  If you have very young children you might want to consider a door that feature panels that do not pinch.
  5. Never leave your garage door partly open. If this is activated once more, it is possible that it could travel downward and get in touch with another object in its path. Leaving it partly open makes it a security risk as well.
  6. When it comes to garage door security codes, it is advisable that you get one that feature rolling codes to make it almost impossible for hackers to snatch the code and open the door.  If your door does not have this feature, the best you can do is to change the manufacturer codes on the opener and remote with a personalized one.
  7. Never leave the garage door remote in the car as thieves will break in to your vehicle with the purpose of chancing upon the garage door remote to gain entry to your home.

Extend The Lifespan of Your Garage Door with these Easy Tips

On a usual day it is not unusual to have your garage door open and close at least twenty or so times, this makes regular maintenance a necessity if your prefer not to have headaches and high repair costs later on. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Through routine maintenance checks you can extend the life of your garage door.


According to garage door maintenance Oak Grove specialists, doing regular cleaning on your garage door using mild soap and a soft bristle brush can do wonder to the look and appearance of your door.  It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaners or very strong liquid cleaners that could hurt the paint or have delaminating effects on the door.  For steel doors, the best approach would be to apply some car wax, as this will provide protection from acid rain. Try not to do your waxing in direct sunlight to achieve best results. Paint over exposed wood to bring back its original luster.

Exterior Weather Stripping

Use all-purpose cleaner to clean the weather stripping around the frame as well as on the bottom edge. Provide lubrication at least once every two to three months using a Silicone-based lubricant to keep it pliable.  Do not use a petroleum-based lubricant, as this will make it crack and dry at the same time.  Garage door installation Scandia specialists recommend that you hang the weather strip ½ inch beneath the door base when you are readjusting the perimeter weather-stripping. Keep in mind, that a too-tight weather stripping will render the door useless.  It is recommended to replace immediately weather stripping that has lost all of its flexibility.

Hardware Maintenance

The rollers, tracks and hinge e need to be lubricated using motor oil (10W30) at least once every three months to ensure they work properly.  Be sure to get rid of any excess oil using a cloth, as the excess will attract dust.  Do the same thing for the springs as well. By doing the procedure you not only prolong the life of the door but also minimize the noise that the springs make.

If you want to make the most out of your garage door, schedule a yearly checkup with a reputable garage door technician to ensure everything is kept in perfect working order.