More Tips on How to Get More Value for your Junk Car

One man’s junk is another one’s treasure and just because you are selling junk it does not mean that you should settle for junk prices.  There is a rule of thumb to follow when it comes to selling junk cars Here are some more tips on how to get more money for your junk car.

Salvage Prices Higher than Scrap Car Values

Junk my car Atlanta experts warn that the scrap metal for a car does not take into consideration the valuable components that are still on the car. Most cars have parts and components that can be sold off for extra money like the car battery, tires and electronic components. If your car still has a functioning GPS system on-board then you should be able to get a better price for it. Do not expect the full value for these valuable components but you could still negotiate up half their value if you are persistent.

Weight of the Car as Last Resort

If all your negotiation efforts fail to entice the junkyard the last resort is to use your vehicle’s curb weight as a rough value for its scrap metal. According to auto recycling Atlanta experts, most of the weight in your car is usually from steel, which makes it easy to determine its scrap value.  Offers of $150 per ton is usually the norm so the car’s entire value would be around $300. If you are being offered scrap car prices for a vehicle that still has salvageable parts, you have the right to negotiate for a better deal with them or find someone who will give you a better quote.

Do not accept an Offer with Conditions

Once you have a general idea of what your junk car is worth, set a value and hold your guns. Get as many quotes as possible prior to making a decision. Be wary of the Bait and Switch approach where junkyards give you a conditional price based on how you describe it and when they come and inspect, offer you a much lower value than what was agreed over the phone.