More Scrap Car Scams You Need to Be Aware of

First time junk car sellers often get victimized by junkyard dealers that take advantage of their lack of knowledge about the entire process of junking a car.  Here are some scrap car scams you need to be aware of if you are considering selling your car to a junkyard.

Lessening Towing Cost From Your Deal

Most junk cars being sold to the junkyard are not in running condition and therefore will require some towing. Buy junk car towing experts recommend that you do not pay towing charges directly to the tow driver unless you have already received the exact amount you were promised over the phone.  Reputable junkyards will never subtract the cost of towing for you car as they provide this as a free service. Make sure you clear the towing

Giving No Value to Your Car

According to junk car towing experts, you need to get at least three quotes on the value of your junk car. The most common sham shady dealers employ is to tell you outright that your car is utterly worthless and that you should just give it away for the towing cost. Even if your car has been abandoned for years, it still has some scrap metal value.

Worthless Prizes

Another common sham technique employed by dealers of ill repute in order to hide the total amount of money in the deal is by adding worthless free prizes or vague estimates of the car’s value. A lot of junkyards offer non-cash enticements, which include coupons for cruises and other vacations.  You will soon realize that the cost of the cruises and vacations is much higher than what the coupons offer.  There are also coupons that have so many restrictions on the travel dates that chances are you wont get a chance to use them. It is always smart to tell the junkyard dealer to provide you with a real figure for your car and a printed check with the full amount and nothing more.