Leaving an Extra Set of Keys on your Vehicle

Some people are just too forgetful that they resort to leaving an extra set of car keys underneath the carpet should they forget or lose their keys while they are far away from home.  According to sell my junker Rosemount Minnesota specialists, if a thief discovers the key you have skillfully hidden underneath the dashboard, you probably would still be covered by insurance.

The Facts

Most personal vehicle insurance policies have no clauses that could deny coverage for theft as a result of leaving keys in the vehicle or if the doors were left unlocked.  However, if there is a pattern of repetitive or suspicious claims the insurance company may investigate deeper to determine the exact cause of the problem.  Based on current stats from police departments, people leaving their vehicle keys in the car and having that car stolen is actually a common occurrence.  According to junk my car New Brighton Minnesota specialists, 60% of recovered stolen cars had keys left in them.

When Opportunity is there

There are two kinds of car thieves out there. The first one are organized car theft groups that target high-end vehicles and then send them out of the country in container vans. They are more sophisticated as they can clone keys, hijack the signal from keyless entry devices and then just drive the car without breaking a sweat.  Then you have the opportunistic car thieves that are just looking for any vehicle that is quite easy to steal. Their motive is much more simpler as they just want a ride to go somewhere.

For vehicles that are more difficult to steal, thieves break into the vehicle looking for hidden keys or if the owner left the valet key which can start the vehicle but will not unlick the trunk or glove box. Thieves also have a penchant for breaking into gym lockers or stealing purses with the goal of carting away the car keys.

Whether it is covered by insurance or not, it is a bad idea to leave an extra set of keys in the car as it is not only careless you also provide an opportunity for people to commit crimes that could have been avoided had the opportunity not present itself.