Important Things to Finish Prior to Junking Your Vehicle

Getting the right price for your junk car can be a time consuming process and sometimes a confusing one at that.  The good news is it does not have to be.  If it is your first time undergoing this process, better be armed with the necessary knowledge in order to make the entire transaction as smooth as possible.  Here is how.

Remove Personal Items

According to auto salvage Atlanta experts, personal items left by previous owners are so common that they are no longer surprised if a customer comes back looking for something they might have left behind in the car.  When you turnover your junk car to the junkyard the responsibility is yours and yours alone when it comes to clearing it of personal items. Check the glove compartment, under floor mats, the CD player, bins and boxes within the vehicle for any important item. Do not make the mistake of misplacing insurance cars thinking you might not need them anyway.

Make Sure the Title is in Order

According to scrap car Atlanta specialists, the most important thing that you need in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle is the car’s title. Selling your car without a title is still a possibility but more challenging if that is the situation you have.  Be careful of junkyards that do not require you to have the vehicle title ready. Remember, you will still be the one held liable should the car incur any liabilities as technically it is still your car.

Sell off Valuable Components

If the agreement you made with the junkyard include all of the components inside as when you described it over the phone then by all means turn it over as is.  However, if the price is merely the scrap value, you could remove some valuable components and sell it off for some extra cash. For instance, the car battery has a lot of resale value especially if it is still relatively new and in good condition. The car’s GPS system, stereo and other electronic components will also net you a pretty penny.