Getting the Best Value for Your Junk Car

It is a known fact that junk car values rise and fall depending on the price of metal in the world market. Many people take this for granted and just settle for whatever price the car gets upon the junkyard’s appraisal.  If you want to get the best value for your car here are some simple steps on how to do it.

Do not wait too long

According to auto recycling Atlanta experts, a lot of people tend to hesitate selling their junk car thinking they can get better prices. They think that by repairing or restoring the car could net them a good customer. Regardless of the reason, the fact of the matter is the longer you wait, the less it is going to be worth. This is because many parts of the car that is not running deteriorate fast and the fastest that deteriorates are the most valuable parts that the junkyard is interested in.  Junkyards as a rule will often only offer you the car’s scrap value by weight if the car is no longer operable. If you have a junk car in your garage, sell it at once so you can get the best scrap value possible.

Get More Value with a Drivable Vehicle

For any junkyard, cars that are still in running condition is worth more than one that is not. Cars that are running will not require towing and will save the junkyard a lot of trouble and savings.  Junkyards also tend to pay more if they know they can sell the vehicle at an auction.  According to sell my junker Atlanta experts not all cars sold to a junkyard are destined for the scrap heap and if you have a junk car that is still drivable, make sure you are not getting scrap metal quotes from the junkyard.

Refer to the Blue Book Value

A drivable car will not always get a high quote from junkyards and some may even provide low-ball offers. If you want to know the actual value of your car, the Blue Book will tell you as it will provide a good estimate or starting point for negotiation.